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For those who loves drifting and racing games, we have CarX Drift Racing. CarX Drift Racing is one of the most beautiful unity 3d racing and drifting games. Choose your car from a bunch of powerfull cars like: Nissan Skyline GTR, Toyota Corolla AE86, Honda NSX, Honda Civic and even a heavy truck, added more likely just for fun. So, if you like drifting games, now you can drift with an astonishing Nissan Skyline GT-R car on an empty racetrack. Push the pedal to the metal and see what this car can do.


To play CarX Drift Racing, you will use arrow keys to drive, N key to change the car, C key to use the clutch, V key to change camera view, A and Z keys to change the gears, SPACE bar to use the handbrake and F key to toggle fullscreen.

Video Walkthrough

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