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Air Strike Alien Drones is another unity 3d flying game from the Air Strike mängu seeria. In Air Strike Alien Drones, the planet Earth is invaded by alien drones and you with your aerial squad are the only one left capable to destroy them. Use your flying skills and destroy all alien drones before they destroy every trace of human beings. Your fighter jet is equipped with very powerful weapons, like missiles, sidewinders and machine guns. This unity 3d flying game has very beautiful graphics quality, so you must play it. Lõbutsege.


Et mängida Air Strike Alien drones, siis kasutage vasakule ja paremale nooleklahvide abil muuta plane, hiir piloot lennuk, paremklõps muuta relvi, Vasak klõps kasutada relvi ja C klahvi, et muuta kaamera vaade.

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