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Üksus 2 is an unity 3d action game where you are the only one left in a forest area infected by a zombie virus. There is just you and a bunch of hungry zombies. Your main objective is to survive as long as possible and kill all zombies. Selleks, you will have to search for materials, craft them and make tools or weapons. This game has a minecraft game style, so if you like to play Minecraft, then maybe you will like to play Unit 2, Samuti. Lõbutsege.


To play Unit 2, siis kasutage W,A,S,D klahvidega liikuda, hiirt, et eesmärk, vasak klõps tulistada, E key to activate mouse and inventory, Tühikut, et hüpata, Shift key to run and F key to pick up items.

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