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World Of Hunting is an unity 3d hunting game where you are a very skilled hunter and you must prove this to the other hunters. The new hunting season is here, earn stars and trophies by hunting in each area which you can see marked on the map. Earn enough stars to get a better gun and have an improved hunting experience. Hunt as many animals as you can and be the best hunter in the world. Of course, this is a game and you can hunt as many animals as you want, but in real life, we all have to protect them. Nii, kui sulle meeldib ühtsuse 3d jahindus mängud, then play World Of Hunting and have fun.


To play World Of Hunting, siis kasutage W,A,S,D keys or arrow keys and mouse to move, Tõstuklahvi joosta, Tühikut, et hüpata, vasak klõps tulistada, paremklõps, et eesmärk, M key to view map and P key to open menu.

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