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Go Kart Go! Ultra! is another unity 3d Go Kart Go! racing game where your main goal is to defeat all opponents. Choose your favourite track from 9 tracks available, choose your favourite character from 9 characters available and race as fast as you can. During each race, you will be able to collect items and use them against your opponents. Myös, you have to collect stars to unlock all characters and racing tracks. This game can be played in two, so if you don't like to play alone, choose someone and play it together. Pitää hauskaa.


Pelata Go Kart Go! Ultra!, käytät W,A,S,D-näppäimiä tai nuolinäppäimiä ajaa, SPACE bar or Q key to use item, Shift key or Tab key to jump + drift and Z key or E key to look back.

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