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If you like unity3d tower defense games, you will like to play 3D TD Army Defense also. In 3D TD Army Defense, your only mission is to defend the your military base by placing Mini-gun, Sentry, Tank, AA-Tank, Frost, Fire, Sniper, Acid, Shock, Artillery, Nuclear and so on. Right click on a troop to control it, get inside the tank and shoot the enemies yourself and receive damage bonus. In 3D TD Army Defense you have 12 types of troops that are waiting for your command, 5 different missions, over 60 upgrades available, over 70 waves of enemies, like jeep, hummer, artillery, submarine, bomber and so on.


To play 3D TD Army Defense, you will use left click mouse button to select tower/build tower, right click mouse button to rotate the camera, arrow keys to move the camera and mouse scroll to zoom in or out.

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