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CarS is an awesome unity 3d driving game where you can drive freely three beautiful cars: Pagani Huayra, Pagani Zonda and Peugeot 207. The game offers three modes of gameplay: time trial, two players and single player. In Time Trial, you can take part of a checkpoint race and you need to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible to beat the other opponents scores. In Two Players mode, the screen will be splitted and each player will play with his own supercar. In Single Player mode, you can drive freely in a big city and even outside the city. Play CarS and have fun.


To play CarS in single player mode, saigheadeochracha nó W úsáid,A,S,Eochracha D a thiomáint, Spacebar a bhaint as an handbrake, T eochair a dheisiú an carr, Enter key to reset the car, Shift eochair a bhaint as an clutch, F agus V eochracha chun giaranna athrú, numerical keys from 1 a 6 to change camera view. To play CarS in multiplayer mode, player 1 will use E,D,S,F keys to drive, A and Z keys to change gears, left Shift to use the clutch, left Ctrl to use the handbrake, R key to repair, SPACEBAR to reset the car and numerical keys from 1 a 5 to change the camera view. Player 2 will use arrow keys to drive, right Ctrl and - to change gears, (,) to use the clutch, (.) to use the handbrake, T eochair a dheisiú an carr, Enter key to reset the car and numerical keys from 6 a 0 to change the camera view.

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