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Limousines are very expensive and luxurious cars. Everyone is dreaming for a ride with a limo, but they are often used by stars and rich people. Now you can take a ride with a limo, as chauffeur, ar ndóigh. The limousines are very long cars, so they requires a lot of superior driving skills. Luxury Limo 3D Parking is one of the best limousine simulator games where you can drive a limousine in 12 leibhéil dúshlánach. Choose your limo colour from 14 colors available and go for a ride. Drive the limo to the marked spot and try to not damage it. Have fun playing Luxury Limo 3D Parking.


To play Luxury Limo 3D Parking, úsáid a bhaint as W,A,S,D keys or arrow keys to drive the limousine and SPACEBAR to use the handbrake.

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