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Zombix 3: Mharthanaigh An Desert

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If you like unity 3d shooting games where you have to shoot endless zombies, then you should try to play Zombix 3: Mharthanaigh An Desert. Zombix 3: Surviving The Desert is an unity 3d shooting game where you are the best of the best. The government designated you to take care of all zombies who invaded a military base. If you can't stand in front of them , then all world will be in danger. Use different type of weapons, even a helicopter to eliminate all zombies before it's too late. Bíodh spraoi.


A imirt Zombix 3: Mharthanaigh An Desert, Beidh tú ag úsáid W,A,S,Eochracha D agus luch a bhogadh, E key to pick gun, Esc key to open menu, F key to use, T eochair a athlódáil, left click to shoot and right click to use sniper scope and aim.

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