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In the year 70.000.000 BC, Reptiles were the Earth's most advanced species and at the peak of their powers, they invented the hoverboard - the ultimate method of transportation. This invention triggered an event known as World War 0 - the true cause of the dinosaur extinction. Legend speaks of one dinosaur who was determined to re-write history. This lone dinosaur set out a quest to round up all the baby Reptiles and save the from the war. Will this plan save the dinosaurs ? Explore the 3D world as a dinosaur, collect coins and avoid enemy creatures. Ha det gøy.


To play Reptilian Roundup, du vil bruke W,En,S,D-tastene til å styre dinosaur, musen til å se rundt, Shift-tasten for å kjøre, SPACEBAR to jump and left click to attack.


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