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If you like action games and flight simulator games, potem ste na pravem mestu. Air Strike Dog Fight is an unity 3d action game where you are playing as a well trained jet fighter pilot and you are in mission. Your assigned mission is to destroy all other jet fighters that invaded an forbidden aerial space. Use a bunch of powerful weapons like sidewinders, rakete, carpet bombs and machine guns and destroy everything what moves before they take you out. Keep an eye on altitude and armor, because you don't want to lose your expensive jet fighter. Have fun.


Za predvajanje Air Strike Alien brezpilotna letala, boste uporabljali levo in desno puščico tipke obrniti letalo, miško za pilot letalo, desni klik za spremembo orožja, Levi klik za uporabo orožja in C ključ, da spremenite pogled kamere.

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