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Zombie Strike Two is an awesome unity 3d shooting game with zombies where you are trapped in a farm crowded with zombies and your main mission is to survive as long as possible. Survive five waves of zombies and complete the game. You can use a bunch of weapons, like a knife, a pistol, an AK-47, kiikarikiväärin ja niin edelleen. Shoot the hordes of incoming zombies and try to remain alive until the rescuers are there. Pitää hauskaa.


To play Zombie Strike Two, käytät W,A,S,D-näppäimiä tai nuolinäppäimiä, VÄLINÄPPÄIN hypätä, Vaihto-näppäin suorittaa, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 avaimet vaihtaa aseita, T key to enter in slow motion, mouse to aim/look around and left click to shoot.

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