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The birds and their way to fly are amazing. If you want to know how it's to fly like a bird, you have to play Fly Like a Bird 3. Fly Like a Bird 3 is an unity 3d game where you will be able to play with a bunch of birds, like: owls, crows, eagles, macaws, pigeons, starlings and so on. You can land on the ground, on trees, you can walk and of course, you can fly. Be aware, you don't have to bang into anything to fast, because you will hurt the bird. Also, don't let people catch the bird. Fly Like a Bird 3 can be played also in multiplayer mode, with other real players. The graphic quality of Fly Like a Bird 3 is awesome, so play it and have fun.


To play Fly Like a Bird 3, you will use arrow keys or W,A,S,D keys to control your bird, SPACE bar to poo/nest/egg and Tab to chat.

Video Walkthrough

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