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An amaizing Unity 3D masterpiece! New sci-fi sidescroller and shooter - featuring great realistic physics gameplay, stunning graphics and a special unique soundtrack. The story: In a global exodus, mankind's elite society abandons earth boarding vessel named 144k, the Great Covenant Ark, on their voyage to the moon in hope of salvation via the new experimental lunar biosphere invented and created by Dr. Savain. The Moon Biosphere Creation Programm, that was made to provide habitable lunar atmosphere, and the right conditions for human kind to survive there, is a mystery - utilizing experimental materials and newest technologies with power drawn from unknown origin. As the 144k makes it's way to the moon, massive chaos is erupting - the artificial ecosystem on the moon has become unstable. The satellites, weapons and technology are all failing to perform their basic tasks, and previously harmless and safe fauna and flora are mutating into terrible creatures!


To play Grokion: Почетак, користе В,A,С,Д за кретање, right click to jump, миша за циљ и пуцати, UP and DOWN arrow keys to zoom in/zoom out and ESC for pause menu.

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