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If you like unity3d racing games, you will like Extreme Rally Run game also. In Extreme Rally Run you will find 15 stages, 4 classes of vehicle in 3 environments and 20 opponents to compete in race. També, you have to win the races to earn points, points wich you can spend on buying new vehicles, upgrade existing ones and so on. Choose your route before you race in Rally Runs exclusive helicopter route planner, choose the right route for your vehicle, spot potential bonus’s and avoid dynamic hazards. Extreme Rally Run is the best unity3d rally game ever.


To route planning, usarà W,La,S,D or arrow keys to move view, SPACE bar for add marker, X key for remove marker and Enter (Retorn) to start race. To play Extreme Rally Run, usarà W,La,S,D o les fletxes per conduir, Barra d'espai per fre de mà, Z or M keys for boost, X or N keys for slow motion, J key for map, K key for camera view, Entrada (Retorn) for reset the vechile and Esc key for menu.

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