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Special Strike Operations is an unity 3d shooting game where everyone wants to kill you. You don't know why, but a bunch of armed soldiers are coming in your direction. You don't have to much space to move, just behind the sandbags. Kill all soldiers of each wave and you will pass to the next wave with another and more powerful weapon. Shoot in the explosive barrels to kill more soldiers and in this time keep an eye on your health and ammo, because you don't want to reload in the middle of shooting action. Tako, if you like unity 3d shooting games with soldiers, then maybe you will like to play Special Strike Operations, tudi. Have fun.


To play Special Strike Operations, boste uporabili W,A,S,D tipke za premikanje, miško, da pogledam okoli in cilj, Levi klik za streljanje, Ctrl ključ do Crouch, C key to go prone and SPACE bar to stand up.

Video Walkthrough

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